About us?

Zeven Sofware is a company dedicated to developing and implementing integrated and innovative solutions for companies and global organizations with more than 5 years of experience.

The solutions are oriented to optimize the natural business processes of the companies, generating value added to the same ones.

We possess a human multidisciplinary equipment integrated by professionals, international certificates; that allow to go at par of the technology.

Our services

Web Aplications Development

We create and innovate your website with the latest technology and design. We use tools such as HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Ruby, Ajax, among others.

Blockchain Aplications Development

Development of systems based on Blockchain, keeping the information and the interaction with them in an immutable way.

Desktop Aplications Development

We offer robust systems that allow a high speed of processing and scalability, since they are developed under the standards of the last trends in the development of software. We are employed at any system Operative well be: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.

Mobile Aplications Development

We design and develop his applications Mobiles for his company or business either: Android, iOS, Windows.

Across the development of mobile applications, podras to report more efficiently with your clients, suppliers and even inside the same organization.


  • Sizing platforms (Capacity-Planning)
  • Servers
  • Operating systems
  • Information backups

System integration

We offer customized solutions to integrate the different systems of your company using standards.

Technical support

  • Equipment maintenance
  • Review the networks
  • Cabling
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Deployment of applications
  • Reinstallation of operating systems
  • Re-configuration of computers
  • Maintenance and change of parts of servers or computers.

Our Clients

We are professionals in the areas of web programming, networks and systems. We help you to make technology your ally and not an obstacle in your way.

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